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grow & thrive. [Oct. 20th, 2015|08:49 pm]
it's october again, and what a contrast to this time last year. but again, i'm not feeling cold from my insides ... probably because the worst of the weather is just about to pick up. but i have such a different perspective yet again, and it's made me be able to open up to life once more. which strangely, i was starting to do two years ago, but i was pretty much dazed and confused and in so much pain back then.

i've a long way to go yet, and i need to start with basic self-love & self-care again. but the right things are happening, the realisations that are finally occuring are helping me to move on from my past, the people that keep re-appearing, showing me i have to take a chance with trusting them. the world works in the most bizarre of ways.

today, i managed to do some killer eyeliner and head into town to bank the cheque, get a passport renewal form, and got advice about my phone contract which ends soon. apparently i have to have my photo’s signed for my passport because my face has changed from the last time i did it (when i was only nine years old!) so now i’ve got to figure out who to ask. then, i’m thinking about getting a new phone/or perhaps just staying with mine, getting a £12.99 16GB memory card & new SIM with a 30 day rolling contract. i’m going to look into the Galaxy A3, which is a fairly new phone. but the downside is that it's bigger than my current phone (in size), and also it has a non-removable battery. basically, whilst researching it as i'm writing; i'd have to say the best option would be to stick with my phone. i feel better; today, like i’ve achieved some small stuff.

also, the gilmore girls are reuniting on netflix! i'm not sure about this, because some things are better left with their magic in the past. yet if the main stars are returning, i guess i'd be on board with it; maybe a rory and jess happy ending? and rory following the obama campaign reporting or what happened after that. and then lorelai and luke getting it on. i hope keiko agena comes back, that'd be amaze.